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Tesco Bag Pack Fundraise

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Tesco Bag Pack
Thank you to all the students and parents who volunteered to help Fantazee Raise money so students can have amazing opportunities!!
Special Helpers are as follows:
Sharon Ellis
Anna Pollard
Jackie Hancock
Debbie Hart
Helen Hughes
Amy Mumby
Wendy Van Kempen
Louise Cutmore
Jade Cummings
Jordan Cummings
Ellie Parker
Rhi Parker
India Bunnage
Lucy Hancock
Abbie Arshed
Lauren Walters
Lucy Gough
Chloe Hart
Freddie Hughes
Alfie Hughes
Ruby Hammans
Evie O.Brian
Tayla Berrill
Emma Chamberlain
Jack Chamberlain
Ellen Cutmore
Niamh Mumby
Aoife Mumby