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Exam Session October 2014

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Miss Kayleigh is overwhelmed with the gratitude the student who recently took exams have showed her.
'I am truelly proud of every single one of my students who recently took their exams/medals, we are a growing school showing just how professional we are and the high quality training we offer'
The school has been in their Home for just 18months and running for nearly 3 years. Miss Kayleigh knows just how hard it is to set up a dance school from scratch but with persistence has really shown that it can be done and not only that but offer the best training within St.Neots.

The exam session is a breath of fresh air with such lovely examiners who attend from the IDA board,
Exams were taken In Primary Ballet, Grade 1 Ballet, Grade 2 Ballet, Grade 1 Tap, Grade 2 Tap, Grade 1 Acro, Grade 2 Acro, Grade 2 Modern Jazz, Medals were taken from Bronze-Gold in Street, Singing, Contemporary, Cheerleading, and Modern jazz.